Lucy & Kaelyn.


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Anonymous asked: What about America is it that you wouldn't want to raise your kids here? I'm not judging, just curious is all. I'm fairly proud of my country but I've never been outside of it. I just want to understand the dilemma. Love you!

A lot of the laws are fairly scary. The whole gun thing for a start.

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Anonymous asked: What is the coolest thing you've received in your PO box?

A FREAKING POLAROID CAMERA. Sometimes we just sit and squeal about it – it was incredible, and sent to us by an amazing girl called Jessie. We’re so humbled by the things that get sent to us. Every single thing, letter or otherwise, makes us feel like the luckiest humans in the world, because we have these people around us who want to talk to us, share their stories, and ask for advice etc etc, and it reminds us that we have this amazing community of people that we can lean on, just as they can lean on us.