Lucy & Kaelyn.


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Anonymous asked: What do you guys think of Prince George?

He’s a cutie patootie.

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Anonymous asked: Lucy, do you have any advice on how to get scholarships for film school? NYU has been my dream for the longest time<3 Also, how did you start out with getting jobs and stuff for filming?

Well I’ve never applied for scholarships but I guess my advice would be to find a way to make yourself stand out. Scholarships are sought after by hundreds/thousands so you’ve got to shine! Make a kick-ass showreel to go along with a kick-ass personality, and think of something that sets you aside from the rest.

I got into film jobs by badgering people. Seriously, I was so annoying. I just emailed and called up and eventually people were like, sure, we’ll give you a test run if you stop PESTERING US! And the more experience you get, the better and easier it will become.

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Anonymous asked: When you guys get married will it be a quaint family&friends wedding, or a huge invite everyone you know thing?

We may do two little ceremonies. A quiet, private one, and then a much bigger one where we invite more people!

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Anonymous asked: Would you ever do YouTube as a job?

I don’t think so. We are both so passionate about our careers that we could never give them up. We would be much less interesting if we gave up such a huge piece of ourselves to make videos anyway. For us, at least, our passions for our work are a huge part of who we are.